All transactions (such as bookings, their amendments, tours or other services) are subject to these terms and conditions of Earth Park Asia Sdn. Bhd. (1247665-K) located in Sabah, Malaysia.

  1. All guests and visitors agree to follow basic society rules and our company policies (vegan food and products not harmful to environment). In extreme cases, for example but not limited to, repeated infringement of third party rights or integrity despite multiple reminders, we reserve the right to exclude people from our property without providing a refund.
  2. Bookings are only binding once fully paid in advance.
  3. Upon check-in we collect 300 MYR security deposit in cash, which will be paid out after checking out. Any damages will be deducted from this deposit. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover damages, the rest must be paid in cash.
  4. If, after a binding booking, the booking is canceled – irrespective of any urgent reasons – there is no right to receiving a refund.
  5. If a binding booking is unilaterally canceled by the organizer and the stay has not yet been started, there is a right to a full refund. However, this obligation extends only to previously granted and benefits paid in advance and not beyond.
  6. Bank transfer fees and other payment fees are fully borne by the respective customer.
  7. All information on this website is provided as is, without guarantee and subject to mistakes or future changes.
  8. No liability is granted (integrity, valuables). Every person is responsible for himself/herself and his/her child(ren), following common sense.