Natural Wind Aircon.

Traditional Vision.

Infinity Sea.

Luxury Redefined

Pure Nature.

Thriving on Health.

Completely Earthed.

Far away from tourist crowds, this exclusive eco resort is nestled beside a remote village on the tropical island Borneo. Five beachfront rooms made of wood, bamboo and palm leaves provide a memorable nature experience we consider true luxury for those who want to relax and escape from busy cities.

Bird sounds companion your wonderful morning at a spectacular beach with white sand, 50 km long. After spending your day in this tropical paradise, enjoying delicious vegan food at our restaurant, watch the amazing sunset from your private terrace.

The rooms in the longhouse are made of natural materials and follow traditional design patterns found in Tatana tribes indigenous in this region. While the palm leave roof allows naturally cooling air ventilation, we also provide fans and mosquito nets in each room. Listen to the soothing sound of the waves in your bedroom in the upper floor gallery. A spacious open sky shower gives you a totally refreshing feeling.

From breakfast till dinner, you can enjoy a variety of vegan meals in our restaurant right at the beach. We focus on a well balanced nutrition and fresh and healthy ingredients to the benefit of your body and soul.

We do our best to minimise our human footprint in harmony with the land and the local community. Our ecological, alcohol free and smoke free concept consists of an ever growing number of aspects. In order to avoid single use plastic, fill up your glass bottle with freshly collected and filtered rain water. Recycling and composting waste keeps the garden green and attracts small animals like birds and squirrels.
You can be absolutely sure that we don't spray any poisons. Although carefully thought out and crafted, expect that not every aspect considered five stars in hotels can be fulfilled by our eco resort. That's the gift from nature and your vote for change into a better future.

Let us give you an idea of what we can offer to make your vacation more memorable. We are always looking for unique activities for our guests and are striving for expanding our offer. If you have any specific wishes, just let us know, we will try our best to make it happen. The following examples are bookable upon availability.

Tiga Island Snorkeling Trip

Make a daytrip to the nearby Tiga Island National Park by boat. You can visit Pulau Tiga (Survivor Island), Sands Spit Island and Snake Island and enjoy beautiful snorkeling spots on the way. You also can take a little hike to a healthy bath in the Mud Volcano on the highest point of Pulau Tiga.

Local Market

Dive into the laid-back local life visiting a traditional market with all its tropical fruits and vegetables. Let us introduce you to all these bursting varieties of colours and tastes.

Mount Kinabalu National Park

At the foot of the majestic Mount Kinabalu you can take the chance to visit the centre of plant density and biodiversity in Asia, the breathtaking view at a Canopy Walk, a bath in the Poring Hot Springs or the Butterfly Garden to just mention a few. The park is constantly awake and alive in a spectrum of sounds and sights.

ATV and Mud Volcano

In Kuala Penyu there is a mud volcano containing natural minerals to sooth your skin while having fun. After relaxing in the mud pools, take a bath in the sea, strengthen yourself with a lunch to get the energy to ride an ATV on the beach in the afternoon.


For the smallest guests it will be an unforgettable experience to visit the world of bunnies. Give them a kuddle and a treat! It's a local project to give them a home where they are loved and treated like they well-deserve it.

Proboscis Monkey Boat Tour

Explore the most famous monkeys of Borneo! You can see them beside the river in their natural habitat. It's a personal guided tour, away from the crowded tourist places enjoying the chartered boat trip along the beautiful river.

Padas White Water Rafting

To get the extra adrenaline kick just plan a daytrip to the Padas River. Hop on a boat, take the paddles and raft in the rough foaming waters.


We can offer a big variety of diving experiences in the Sabah area with our local and experienced diving partner. If you don't know how to dive yet, you can also visit a diving class and experience the South Chinese Sea's stunningly rich underwater life.

Marais-Center Murut Tribe

Visit the local natives of the Murut tribe, the headhunters back in the days in South Sabah. You dive real deep into the original and authentic culture of the Sabahan locals in the jungle. You can cook together, learn traditional handicrafts skills or watch their indigenous dances. This activity will be limited to only a few people to protect the tribe from excessive tourism.

Vegan Cooking Class

Have a culinary experience with our vegan cooking class. Prepare various dishes of traditional and international cuisine and learn more about the delicious and healthy vegan kitchen.


To bring even more relaxation into your holiday, we can arrange some nourishing me-time for you. Enjoy a massage while watching the waves kissing the beach.

Dusun Mountain Village

A small farm house near the Kinabalu National Park. A center point to the other remote mountain villages of the Dusun ethnic. A great spot that will present the culture, lifestyle and surrounding nature. The perfect place to admire the mountain in all its beauty.

Deluxe Room

236 MYR per night
  • Breakfast included
  • Total space: 48 m² / 516 ft² (24 m² room size, 12 m² bedroom upper floor, 12 m² terrace)
  • 1 Kingsize Bed
  • Ceramic Sink
  • Fan
  • Non-Smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Sea View

Family Deluxe Room

280 MYR per night
  • Breakfast included
  • Total space: 48 m² / 516 ft² (24 m² room size, 12 m² bedroom upper floor, 12 m² terrace)
  • 1 Kingsize Bed
  • 1 Super Single Bed
  • Ceramic Sink
  • Fan
  • Non-Smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinking Water
  • Sea View

The room price includes up to 2 persons (Family Deluxe Room: 3 persons). For each additional person we charge 30% of the room price. Babies under 2 years are free.

We offer a carefully picked selection of items for your daily needs to make your stay easier, e.g. bio-degradable soaps, mosquito sprays with essential oils or handcrafted local souvenirs.

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